Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Blog Post...But not Really!

Some of you may have decided to completely stop checking in to see how The Spicker Clan is doing, seeing as Nathalie's last update was from more than a year ago. But for those few who continue to take a gander, knowing full well there will be no new post, I decided to make this post. If only just to surprise you and to spice things up a bit. Now you'll get to see this every time you check the blog instead of the nerdy Twilight picture of the three amazingly beautiful girls waiting anxiously to get their Edward and Jacob fix (I Swing Both Way Ladies!)

Nathalie BTW had a baby..her name is Paige and she is now ONE! Paige is probably the reason there has been new blog posts. Not because she is a "spirited" child, though she has been walking for 2 months already, but because Nathalie spends all her time making beautiful bows to accessorize all of Paige's outfits. She has been known to question her husband when taking their child out to a party while Nathalie is away on business..."What did you have Paige wear?". Because all Mom's instantly ask their husbands what they dressed their child in when they find out they took them to a BBQ. Nathalie is so devoted! Check out her super stylish and Got to Have Bows and Accessories Here
And despite having had the baby, moved to Utah and bought a house Nathalie still finds time to travel and work for the airlines. Her next trip is planned for Taiwan. She is one crazy Momma!


Lacy said...

Yay for posting! Thad just said how cool it is that you are both Nath and Nath...he's kinda gay! We wish we could have seen you guys when we were in Utah. Someday.