Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Blog Post...But not Really!

Some of you may have decided to completely stop checking in to see how The Spicker Clan is doing, seeing as Nathalie's last update was from more than a year ago. But for those few who continue to take a gander, knowing full well there will be no new post, I decided to make this post. If only just to surprise you and to spice things up a bit. Now you'll get to see this every time you check the blog instead of the nerdy Twilight picture of the three amazingly beautiful girls waiting anxiously to get their Edward and Jacob fix (I Swing Both Way Ladies!)

Nathalie BTW had a baby..her name is Paige and she is now ONE! Paige is probably the reason there has been new blog posts. Not because she is a "spirited" child, though she has been walking for 2 months already, but because Nathalie spends all her time making beautiful bows to accessorize all of Paige's outfits. She has been known to question her husband when taking their child out to a party while Nathalie is away on business..."What did you have Paige wear?". Because all Mom's instantly ask their husbands what they dressed their child in when they find out they took them to a BBQ. Nathalie is so devoted! Check out her super stylish and Got to Have Bows and Accessories Here
And despite having had the baby, moved to Utah and bought a house Nathalie still finds time to travel and work for the airlines. Her next trip is planned for Taiwan. She is one crazy Momma!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Catching you up...

I have been a HORRIBLE blogger as of late! I will try to catch you up a little.
All the way back in November, we all know what movie came out. There were girls nights planned all over the United States, for that blessed movie, Twlight. There were only two people I wanted to see that movie with, Krista and Candice! Way back when it was Krista that insisted I read the Twlight Series, and then I insisted our friend Candice read it. We sat around and talked about Edward all that summer. I called Krista when I found out the movie was coming out and insisted that she fly from California up to Utah to watch it with me. She resisted, but I didn't give her a choice in the matter. Krista has been working hard and doesn't get to see her girls as much as she likes, so I know it was a sacrifice for her to come up on her days off. It turned out to be a great weekend, a really great weekend! We saw the movie twice, got make up done, pedicures, and ate a lot! I miss these girls. Candice is in Utah now and Krista in California. I am so grateful we got to spend time together, again.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Barcelona, Spain

Passion Facade on the Sagrada Familia. This facade was completed by one of his successors, Jacob Subirachs.

Spires on the Sagrada Familia. Antonio Guadi was the architect for the unfinished work of the Sagrada Familia. He died in 1926, and the Temple is still under construction. Guadi was very unconventional and actually lived inside the Temple during his last years.

The Criptogram. There are 310 possible ways to equate 33 (the age of Jesus at death)

Another angle of the passion facade and columns

The spiral staircases at the Sagrada Familia, look like snails

The nativity facade on the Sagrada Familia, my favorite! I wish you could see the detail!

Inside the staircases on the Sagrada Familia

Gaudi's Casa Batllo

Nate on a Lion at the Christopher Columbus Column in Barcelona

Joseph and Robyn in the Parc de la cuitadella.

Sometimes we just have a weird way of showing someone we love them!

Us at the Parc de la cuitadella

Just doing some stretching before our big day in Barcelona! You have to prepare somehow, Nate is a little relentless when sight seeing...sun up to sun stoping no breaks!

Sad cry for attention from our husbands!

Just showing what happens when you eat Kinder Buenos all day! ;)

I am starting to make the same expressions as my mother! Scary! Very Scary!

Finally a decent pic!

Momments before the heist happened...maybe the robber saw these guys and figured they would be pretty easy to steal from! We made Nate and Joseph model the scarves they bought us! We then went to lunch, where sadly Robyn and Joseph got their camera, wallet, and passports stolen! Not Cool! Not Cool at ALL!

I looked for this lizzard FOREVER!

Gauddi Park, Barcelona

Didn't have a mirror...I had to check my hair somehow!

"Hey I am Robyn, and I'm Joseph we just got robbed in Barcelona!" They tried hard to seem like they were having fun, but I think they were faking it a little bit! They actually handled the whole situation a lot better than I would have

Zaragoza, Spain

We left Barcelona a little disappointed because of Robyn and Joseph getting there things stolen. We had spent all morning at the Embassy in Barcelona getting Rob and Joe new passports. It did put a little damper on an otherwise great trip. We rented a car in Barcelona, against everyone's advice and we started our drive to Madrid. Nate had wanted to make a stop midway in this city, Zaragoza. It was litterally 3 hours from Barcelona and 3 from Madrid. We got off the freeway as the sun was going down. We started driving into town and boom out of nowhere, El Pillar. A beautiful, gorgeous cathedral. We all started screaming and I jumped out of the car to get a pic with the sun shining on it. It was really one of the coolest things I have seen. We parked our car and started running around to see everything before the sun went down. What a great city. Probably the cleanest city I have come across in a while, with nothing under contruction. We all perked up and left Zaragoza happy and excited for the last part of our trip! Had we not rented a car and took the train like everyone told us, we would have never found this gem. For me it was the highlight of our trip. There are no words to explain how awesone this big little city was,in the middle of nowhere!

Robyn and I taking on the world!

Robyn and Joseph in happier times!

Nate has a gift of getting just the right pictures. Watching him getting these pictures is purely entertaining. He calles himself hyper hippo. He speed walks with his camera around his neck trying to get every little detail. It is hard to keep an eye on him. He is known to disappear with everyone screaming his name trying to find him. It drives me batty, because I always start thinking he was kiddnapped and sold as a love slave! He does get some awesome pics though!

I have a thing for statues..They sit and listen to me talk for hours and never interupt!

So Quaint!....

Beautiful streets of Zaragoza at night.

One more picture of El Pillar before we get back in the car, and continue on too Madrid...



Monday, November 10, 2008

Madrid Spain

Big Daddy showing just how strong he really is. These buildings were designed by the same dude that designed the twin towers.

This is the coolest fountain in the middle of the busiest intersection in Madrid. I think I like it the most because a chick is driving it!

Random..but cool

The Palace in Madrid

The Madrid Temple! Robyn met up with an old mission companion, Diana. Now here is a COOL chick. She has the best spanish accent, much different from a mexican accent. I kept making her say words over and over again, while I would jump up and down laughing. And can I just say this girl oozes with style! Robyn has the coolest friends!

This is me, being me, feeling sorry for myself and pouting in the cold cold rain. I HATE being cold.

I started getting more and more moody. I am not what you call a trouper in these conditions!

But if you get me and Robyn Venti Starbucks Hot Chocolate's with loads of whip is somewhat bareable. Until we run out of hot chocolate and then it's back to poor poor Nathalie and Robyn being drug around a beautiful city, half way accross the world! Oh bless Nate for marrying me!

Talking a little nap while everyone else is squished in coach!